Additional Flood Relief Support

by ARVADA FLOOR, September 27, 2013

Coal Creek Flood

The Coal Creek Flood has impacted many Coal Creek Canyon residents.

The Canyon community is concerned about its residents and wants to offer a helping hand.  The community has begun to come together to coordinate volunteers who can lend a hand – can drive for groceries/medicine/water, can help with clean-up or small repairs, or help get the word out for further outreach.
Canyon Cares is helping to coordinate this effort.  We ask you to reach out through your networks and neighbors to help identify people in need.  Please forward anyconcerns/ needs/ offers to help to Canyon Cares and we will do our best to try and route the request through the community network and supporting agencies to identify help.  Please spread the word.

Contact Canyon Cares if you:

– have a culvert that needs to be opened up or a trench dug to divert water around your home

– need help to move furniture or remove carpet from your basement

– need food, medicine, supplies or mail brought to you

– need childcare to help through longer commutes or different schedules

– need a ride to town (one way or round trip)

– need a bit of gasoline to make sure you can make it to the gas station.

– drinking water, or a place to refill water jugs

Whatever the case may be, if you have a need, please don’t be afraid to ask for it, even if it’s not listed above. If we don’t know of the need, we won’t be able to fulfill it.

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