Arvada Festival Keeps a Small Town Vibe

Arvada Festival Keeps a Small Town Vibe

by Heidi Estes, September 3, 2016

The Arvada Harvest Festival 2016 is the 91st annual Arvada Harvest Festival. It is a bird and a plane festival. During this festival, the

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Arvada Fall Festival!!

During this festival, the capes will make a comeback. The theme of this year’s Arvada Harvest Festival is “The ULTIMATE Superhero Showcase.” It is about saving the world and fighting crime. Ideally, this year’s Arvada Harvest Festival is about breaking out of secret identities and using powers for the good of the world. Sibling sidekicks are also welcome to the festival. The festival is about celebrating “She-roes” and “He-roes”


The costume for special superhero and daily cash prizes will be availed on Saturday, September 3rd. In fact, the real details of the festival will be revealed on this date. Arvada Jaycees, the committee of the Arvada Festival and Arvada Junior Chamber Foundation Inc are hosting the festivals of this year. The festival is set to take place from September 9 – 11th in the Olde Town Arvada so mark your calendars.

Arvada West Fall Festival

The Arvada Harvest Festival commemorates the history of the  farming community in Colorado. This is usually the second largest festival that is held in Colorado. The first Arvada Harvest Festival was held in October 1925.

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