Tricks of the Trade:  Carpet Stretching

Tricks of the Trade: Carpet Stretching

by Heidi Estes, November 8, 2016

Carpet stretching simply refers to re-securing the carpet to anchor strips or tack and pulling it tighter for a clean, level fit. Carpeting that has been professionally installed rarely requires stretching but with normal wear and tear and usage, there comes a time when it needs to be serviced. It is advisable to have your carpet stretching done by a professional to get the best possible result.

One of the major causes of loose carpeting is wear and tear especially in high traffic area. Regular use causes the carpet to become loose from the strips and tracking that secure it to the subfloor. The seams that secure carpet strips together may also separate over time causing it to become loose. Damaged tacking strips and stretching of the carpet fibers are other causes of this problem. This usually comes with an unappealing floor and safety concerns particularly for tripping.

Signs that you need carpet stretching

Some of the obvious signs that your carpet needs to be stretched include lumps, ripples and wrinkles on the carpet surface. Carpeting that is not securely attached to the house’s edges is also a clear sign that your carpet needs to be stretched. A carpet that is in good condition should be smooth and flat across the floor.

Why your carpet needs stretching

The number one reason why your carpet needs to be professionally stretched as soon as it shows the aforementioned signs is for your safety and those of others within the home. Uneven carpet surfaces pose a serious tripping hazard that can result in injury or worse especially for senior citizens and the disabled. Aesthetics is also an issue for a loose carpet and takes away from the overall décor and theme of your home. Lastly, a loose fitting carpet is prone to other damage as well as uneven wear all of which significantly reduce the lifespan of the carpet.

What professional stretching entails

Once you suspect that you need carpet stretching, a professional carpet installer inspects the extent of the damage and gives recommendations on the best stretching method depending on the problems. Some issues may not be obvious to the untrained eye and the professional is easily able to pick these up and remedy them accordingly. Carpet stretching may be as simple as installing new tracking strips to using a power kicker to stretch the carpet.  The most important thing in getting your carpet stretched is to have a professional do the job.

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