Design Trends for Small Bathrooms

Design Trends for Small Bathrooms

by Heidi Estes, April 14, 2016

Start spring off right by embracing bright colors and unique combinations. The right design choices will make extra space appear, and luckily there are hundreds to choose from! We’ve pulled the latest, and most relevant design trends for small bathrooms below:

Statement bathroom mirrors
So long medicine cabinets! The more mirrors, the better! Different sizes and styles can create different looks and/or adjust the feel of the particular space. For example, oval mirrors make a ceiling feel taller, where a mirror over a tub creates the illusion of a larger room. Boost style with large, wood-framed beauties, backlit modern marvels, and/or ornate vintage gems.

Bathrooms that feel like living spaces
Create a warm and calm environment by introducing homey items, like plush chairs, luxurious accents, and adjustable lighting, into the space. Candles, thick bathroom rugs, and/or delicate chandeliers will make it feel like home (not a bathroom).

Extra-large-format tilelove-romantic-bath-candlelight-large
Large-format tiles (such as 12 by 24 inches) have been making appearances in kitchens and bathrooms for some time now, but be on the lookout for extra-large-format ones. Just how extra? Make a statement and try 31 by 71 inches!

Bold wall coverings
Bathrooms and/or powder rooms tend to be one of the most frequently used rooms in the house. So, why not make it pop? Use patterns to create movement, and incorporate texture and personality.

Style patterned floors with simple walls
Never block windows! Natural light is crucial to opening up a small bathroom’s space. Create dimension by styling a busy floor with a simple wall. Another option is to continue the floor tile into the shower; it will help make the room feel larger.

Choose an unusual accent color
Chrome or gold finished shower accessories add a decorative element, and allows the room design as a whole, to feel clean and open (not overwhelming).


Give illusion with glass

Don’t be afraid to show your shower! Make the room look bigger by having glass shower doors. They will allow you to see from one end of the room to the other.

Less is more!pexels-photo-65055-medium
De-clutter your counter tops; store make-up, prescriptions, and personal grooming tools out of sight. Replace the disarray with delicate, sweet-smelling lotions, soaps and pretty flowers.
Find more ideas via HGTV, and come to us for any of your flooring and design needs. We’re happy to help!



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