Savvy Flooring Fixes to Help Your Home Sell

Savvy Flooring Fixes to Help Your Home Sell

by Heidi Estes, August 19, 2016

Once you have made the decision to sell your home, one of the factors that you simply cannot overlook is your carpeting. Flooring is a major consideration for most prospective home buyers which is why you need to make all the right decisions where this is concerned. If your carpeting is still in good and presentable condition, you can get away with hiring a professional cleaner to bring out its best qualities. If your carpet is old and frayed on the other hand, there is little choice except to replace it, if you want to sell your house at the best price that is.

Choosing the carpet

Once you have made the decision to install carpeting throughout your home, you need to pick the right kind of carpet that speaks to home buyers. Disregard your own decorating and instead opt for color-on-color sculpted carpet or neutral and textured options. Stay away from any color that dictate, affect or limit decorating options.

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Consult with your real estate agent on what homebuyers prefer in terms of flooring. Ask about what homebuyers expect for your asking price. Request your agent to research on homes sold recently, specifically according to floor type to get a good idea of what kind of additional value you can realistically expect from re-carpeting your home.

Consider your options

Installing a new carpet on the whole house may not be your only or even best option. Consider laying carpet in the bedrooms and wood or laminate flooring in secondary bedrooms and living areas. Talk to your real estate agent about your plans and the impact it might have on your selling price. Laminate flooring may be a better option in secondary bedrooms simply because teenagers and children can be tough with carpeting.

Determine the quality of carpeting

Once you have gone through the checklist and decided to install your new carpet, quality is an extremely important factor to consider. Buying cheap carpeting may give the impression that you have not invested appropriately in your home, and can reinforce negative perceptions in potential buyers. Opt for mid range to to high grade quality carpeting for the best result.

Ultimately, investing in new flooring may be the edge that you need to sell your home quickly and at the price you want. Most prospective homeowners do not have the time or budget to install new flooring so making sure yours is in pristine condition may be just what you need to sway the buyer.



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