Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends

by Heidi Estes, August 26, 2016

If you are looking into decorating or remodeling your kitchen, there are some 2016 trends that might be worth considering. Whether you want to simply upgrade your kitchen to make it more modern, or do a complete renovation, there are both small and big things that you can do to fit your needs and budget.

Soft and muted color palettes

Although white is still a dominant color scheme for kitchens, interior designers suggest using muted and soft color palettes. Charcoal grey is a popular choice in 2016, and so are more neutral pastels including tinted white, pale green gray and pale blue. Lighter wood tones are also gaining traction this year including whitewashed woods, walnut and white oak.

Combined kitchen and living space

For homeowners looking into larger renovation projects, integrating the kitchen to the living space is a current that we can expect to see more of in the future. Designers work to merge living rooms and kitchens by installing integrated and concealed appliances. Such a kitchen is perfect for a homeowner who wants to make the cooking area more accommodating or simply feels that it is disconnected from the rest of the house.

Arvada West Decorating and FlooringA twist on a traditional kitchen

Present day kitchens are going back to a more simple and traditional design with emphasis on fewer details and integrating bolder lines. Interior designers are getting more and more calls for strategically placed and more calculated details with emphasis on practical elements of a kitchen such as cabinet crowns, islands and hoods.

Contrasting similar textures

2016 is definitely all about textures. Rather than combining different textures in the kitchen, modern kitchen are working with texture-on-texture designs. This simply means that the same texture can be replicated in different part of the kitchen but with a play on patterns. The same stone for example can be finished two or three different ways and incorporated into the same space. The result is subtle but still visually appealing especially for those with an eye for detail.

These are just some of the modern kitchen trends to seriously consider when thinking about kitchen renovation. These trends aren’t fads, but are set to continue for the coming years. Connect with us today to start building your dream kitchen. Yours is next! 



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