by Heidi Estes, April 8, 2016

With the real estate market hot, hot, hot right now, homes in the Denver metro area are selling fast! But what are buyers looking for? Drum roll, please. A great looking, functional kitchen! Buyers are looking for a kitchen that they can use immediately and “wow” their guests and family. But what makes a “blow your socks off” kitchen? In most cases, there are tried and true changes you can make to get the most bang for you buck and appeal to more buyers.

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1. Fresh coat of paint
Perhaps one of the easiest updates to make to your kitchen is new paint. A coat of new paint adds brightness and cleanliness to your kitchen that can only be achieved with a fresh coat.
2. Pay close attention to your flooring
Often a good cleaning and brightening your grout is all you need to give your flooring a little TLC. However, your flooring may need greater attention. In that case, refinishing your hardwood flooring or maybe even new flooring may be a viable solution. Flooring options today run the gamut, so there’s a huge variety in price and style to suit your needs.
3. Kitchen countertops
Have your kitchen countertops taken a beating over the years? New kitchen countertops can make a huge difference and there is a great range of styles to fit your style of home from butcher block wood to granite slab.
4. Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets can be updated or replaced. Often a new coat of paint or refinishing is all that is needed. If new cabinets are in order, replacement can be rather quick and painless.
5. Lighting
Brighten your day and your space with lighting. New lighting can add warmth to your kitchen and help spotlight your new additions!
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