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by ARVADA FLOOR, October 4, 2013

SmartStrand Silk  Soft Stain Resistant Carpet   Mohawk Flooring


Introducing the World’s Most Luxuriously Soft Carpet – Download the Silk Brochure 2013.

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  • SmartStrand Silk with DuPont Sorona is the only premium soft carpet with built-in stain and soil protection that never wears or washes off.
  • Luxurious softness due to 3X the fiber of ordinary soft nylon.
  • Preferred 5 to 1 over premium soft nylon.

Dirt-Resistant and Easy to Clean

The Truth about Stain and Soil Protection

SmartStrand Silk is the ONLY carpet that contains permanent, built-in stain and soil protection that never wears or washes off.

The stain and soil protection on all other carpets is temporary and has to be reapplied when it wears or washes off. In fact, in an independent study, nylon carpets lost on average nearly 50% of their stain and soil protection after just three steam cleanings. That’s why other carpets become difficult to keep clean over time. SmartStrand Silk eliminates this problem so you can enjoy 100% protection for life.

Entirely New Category of Luxury Soft Carpet

The introduction of SmartStrand Silk creates an entirely new category of luxury carpets. Achieving the soft, luxurious feel requires a new yarn with three times the amount of finely refined fiber found in ordinary soft nylon carpets.

SmartStrand Silk  Soft Stain Resistant Carpet   Mohawk Flooring 1

Extraordinarily Different Carpet

This breakthrough in soft carpet can only be achieved with SmartStrand Silk due to the “elastic recovery” naturally built into the fibers. This inherent bounceback means SmartStrand Silk resists and deflects crushing at a level of softness well beyond in polyester or nylon.

Environmentally Friendly By Nature

SmartStrand Silk fibers are made in part from corn sugar.

By using rapidly renewable resources, we reduce our dependency on petroleum. In fact, every seven square yards of 40-oz. SmartStrand Silk we produce saves the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline when compared to an equal amount of nylon.

Rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction

SmartStrand Silk is preferred 5 to 1 over competitive premium soft nylons. But don’t take our word for it…

Great for Dog, Family and Location
Clackamas, OR
I had read articles about this product and have a friend who had it in her home. I loved the look and feel of her carpet and how well spills cleaned up for her. We have a dog and live in Oregon, so I was worried about muddy dog feet tracking in soil for many months of the year. No need to worry! It is an awesome product!

SmartStrand Silk  Soft Stain Resistant Carpet   Mohawk Flooring 2

Lifetime Warranties

SmartStrand Silk comes with LIFETIME coverage for stain and soil resistance, pets* and static, as well as 25-year warranties for fade resistance, abrasive wear, texture retention and manufacturer’s defects.

  • Lifetime Stain Resistance Warranty
  • Lifetime Soil Resistance
  • Lifetime Pet Warranty
  • Lifetime Anti-Static
  • 25-Year Fade Resistance
  • 25-Year Abrasive Wear
  • 25-Year Texture Retention
  • 25-Year Manufacturing Defects

Only SmartStrand® Silk with DuPont Sorona offers deluxe softness, worry-free stain and soil protection, top-rated customer satisfaction and lifetime warranties.

*Warranty covers domestic dog and cat urine and feces staining only; please see Mohawk Carpet Warranty brochure for complete warranty details

SmartCushion makes a significant difference in your home through its many superior features, including:

  • ViscoElastic Memory foam and premium urethane foam for lasting comfort.
  • Antimicrobial additives to inhibit the growth of mildew, mold and fungus.
  • Spill SafeTM moisture barrier to protect sub-floor from spills.
  • Enhanced sound insulation for quieter, more energy-efficient rooms.
  • Non-allergenic recycled foam content to minimize environmental impact.

Read more about how SmartCushion improves your carpet’s feel and performance.



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